Ambu last week reported excellent Q1 results, beating expectations and driving the shares higher. They are now up over 45% since we positively rated them on management buying on the 8th December. This is what we said:
Juan Gonzalez (CEO) purchased 39,000 shares on December 7th at DKK 190, spending €1 million. This is Gonzalez’s third open market purchase, his prior two were for similar amounts but at much lower prices, in June 2019 at DKK 88 and August 2019 at DKK 98. Those prior purchases were very timely. We currently have the stock ranked +1 based on purchases from Christian Sagild (Director since 2012) in August at DKK 184. It is interesting to see the CEO pay a higher price for the shares and we are renewing our +1 rank.