Cano Health Inc – (CANO, +1, Sep 1st)

Marlow Hernandez (CEO since 2009) purchased 1.576 million shares at a cost of $16.9 million in a series of stock buys during August 2021, at an average price of $10.73. As at the prospectus he owned 21.9 million Class B shares.

Richard Aguilar (Chief Clinical Officer since 2017) purchased 774,0000 Class A and Class B shares at a cost of $8.5 million in a series of buys during August 2021, he previously owned 11 million Class B shares.

For both buyers the trades were a combination of on and off market trades but do appear to be at the market price at the time. The company was formed through a merger with Jaws Acquisition in June 2021. Both Hernandez and Aguilar were executives in the business that was bought and it’s very encouraging to see them now buying in size.

We are ranking the stock +1.

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