Carnival Corp, CCL +1 – In the past week, after the stock’s recent decline, two insiders have each made $1 million purchases in the stock. Arnold Donald (CEO since 2013) purchased 22,050 shares on June 25 at $45.23. His last, and only other large purchase in the stock was on December 26, 2018 at $46 and preceded a move to $59. Randall Weisenburger (Director since 2009; former CFO at Omnicom) purchased 20,000 shares on July 3 at $46.50, taking his holdings to 123,000 shares. Weisenburger has made two large purchases since joining the board ten years ago; in October 2009 at $29 and in May 2013 at $33, and both were timely. These are interesting large purchases from two insiders who have been timely in the stock. We are ranking the stock +1.