Davide Campari-Milani reported positive results earlier this week driving the shares high. The shares are now up over 50% since we positively rated them on management buying on the 17th of March. This is what we said:

Robert Kunze-Concewitz (CEO, joined 2007) purchased 200,000 shares on March 16th at €5.32, spending €1.1 million. This is his third buy in the stock and a reversal from a timely 1.3 million share option sale in May 2019 at €8.87. His purchases in Aug and Dec of 2014 were at an average price of €2.70 and were timely. Paolo Marchesini (CFO , joined 2007) purchased €200,000 worth of stock on March 16th at €5.24, his first open-market purchase in the shares. He has made several sales, his last was in May 2019. These are solid purchases and reversals from the CEO and CFO and show confidence. We are ranking the stock +N.