CVS Group performed strongly on Friday as it announced it was trading ahead of expectations. The shares are up 20% since we positively ranked them less than a month ago on management buying. This is what we said:
Richard Connell (Chairman since 2007) purchased 5,000 shares on April 6th at £18.08, spending £90,000 and increasing his holdings to 157,800 shares. Connell’s first buy in this stock was in 2008 and since then has purchased the stock on 10 occasions and has been timely in seven of those times. His largest purchases have been about this size and this is the highest price he has paid for the shares. His last purchase was in March 2020 at £7.77. Connell is a Chartered Accountant and has previously worked in investment management at 3i Group, Invesco and HSBC. This is an interesting purchase, into strength, from Connell. We are ranking the stock +1