Michael Farlekas (E2open Parent Holdings Inc CEO since 2015) purchased $679,000 of stock across two trades in October 2021 at an average of $11.31, increasing his stake by 39%.

Jarett Janik (E2open Parent Holdings Inc CFO since 2018) purchased $91,000 of stock on the same days, increasing his holding by 12%.

The company merged with a SPAC (Neuberger Principal Holdings I) in February 2021 and it’s very encouraging to see these two key executives adding to their holding above the $10 merger price. Both executives retained their roles post the merger. The company also acquired BluJay in September 2021 for which the CEO, CFO and COO received one-time bonuses of approximately $500,000 each, which they appear to be reinvesting back into the company.

We are ranking the stock +1.

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