Green Brick Partners – (GRBK, +1) – Harry Brandler (Non-Executive since 2014) purchased $428,000 of stock on the 23rd March at $21.42, increasing his stake by 43%. Prior to retiring in 2019 Brandler served as CFO for Greenlight Capital who at the date of the last proxy (April 2020) owned 48% of the company. Post retiring from Greenlight he retained his position on the board and also made his first purchase in the company for $130,000 in March 2019. This is now his 4th purchase and is more than twice the size of his previous purchases and at more than twice the price. Richard Press (Non-Executive since 2014) purchased $220,000 of stock at $22, he last bought shares at $9.49 in June 2018. These two director purchases are very encouraging. We are ranking the stock +1.