Three HMST US insiders were trading stocks recently.

Douglas Smith (Non-Executive since 2012) purchased $389,099 of stock at $38.46 on August 3rd, increasing his holding by 11%. This is his largest acquisition since he subscribed for $1 million of stock in February 2012 on the IPO. This is also the highest price he has paid. Despite his long tenure, he has only made four purchases, and his last one in March 2020 at $23.25 proved timely.

On the same day, John Michel (CFO since 2020) and Mark Patterson (Non-Executive since 2018) purchased $302,000 of stock at $37.75 and $75,001 of stock at $37.50 respectively. Both have a good track record with very timely purchases in 2020. This cluster of buyers is encouraging.

We are ranking the stock +1.


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