Primo Water Corporation – (PRMW, +1) – Eric Rosenfeld (Non-Executive since 2008) purchased $3.1 million of stock on the 1st March at $14.48, increasing his ownership by 34%. He has been a timely buyer and a seller in the stock, this is his largest purchase so far. The purchase is indirect and by Crescendo Partners where he is President and CEO, this is inline with his previous purchases. Gregory Monahan (Non-Executive since 2008) purchased $221,000 on the same day, again he has been timely as a buyer and a seller in the stock. His last trade was the sale of stock at $17.10 in March 2017, this is only his 3rd purchase in the company. Thomas Harrington (CEO since 2018, joined 2014) purchased $508,000 of stock on the same day, whilst encouraging his trade is less unusual, he has been a regular buyer with an average record.