Gregory Hayes (CEO since 2020, first joined 2003) purchased $3 million of stock on the 28th Oct at US$54.82. This is his first ever purchase and he has been a regular seller, crystalising approx $24 million through option sales (net of the option cost). Thomas Kennedy (Chairman since 2020, previously CEO of Raytheon from 2016 prior to the merger) bought $1 million of stock, his first ever purchase in either Raytheon although he also sold approx $25 million of stock historically. Dinesh Paliwal (Non-Executive of Raytheon from 2016 and then of Raytheon Technologies since 2020) bought $500,000, he has only bought stock once before, $250,000 in April 2018). With 3 different material purchases we are happy to upgrade despite the weak share price. We are ranking the stock +1.