Simply Good Foods – (SMPL, +1) –  James Kilts (Chairman since 2017) purchased 70,000 shares on November 13 at $24.62, spending $1.7 million and increasing his holdings by 10% to 737,217 shares. Kilts’ last and only other purchase was in February 2018 at $12.40 and proved very timely. This was a private transaction from Conyers Park, which owns 9.4 million shares, and which Kilts is a manager. Joseph Scalzo (CEO since 2017, former CEO of Atkins since 2013) purchased $400,000 worth of stock on November 11th at $24.42, increasing his holdings by 4% to 466,000 shares. This is Scalzo’s first open market purchase in the stock. These are solid purchases from the CEO and CB after a modest pull-back in the stock.