Julie Anderson (Texas Capital Bancshares Inc CFO since 2017, joined in 1999) purchased $241,640 of stock on October 25th at $60.41, increasing her holding by 6%. Despite 22 years in the company as Chief Accounting Officer, Secretary, Controller, and finally CFO, this is her very first purchase. It also represents a reversal, her last open-market trade was the sale of $35,198 in August 2014.

Larry Helm (Texas Capital Bancshares Inc Chairman since 2012, joined in 2006) purchased $302,600 of stock on October 22nd at $60.52. This is only his second purchase in the stock and the price is significantly higher than his first timely acquisition in August 2020 at $33.12.

These rare purchases from two long-term insiders are very interesting. Two Non-Executives, James Browning and David Huntley, also made small purchases on these dates, acquiring together a total of $109,531 of stock.

We are ranking the stock +1.

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