Westport Fuel Systems recently announced a large order from Amazon for their natural-gas truck engines triggering a dramatic share price move. The shares are now up over 120% since we positively rated them on management buying on the 7th January. This is what we said:
Richard Orazietti (CFO since 2019) purchased $101,000 of stock on the 5th January at US$4.94, increasing his holding by 16%. His only previous purchase in the stock was for $76,000 in Oct 2019, whilst we do not have the precise price it is likely to have been at approx US$2.75. There were also a large number of executives and directors exercising stock on the 4th January (including by CEO David Johnson) and whilst there have been some sales post exercise a significant number have not yet sold (including CEO Johnson and CFO Orazietti), though this can change over the next few days. We are ranking the stock +N