• Identify the Smart Insiders


Smart Insider analyses share transactions made by directors and senior employees in the shares of their own companies. Monitoring around 60,000 companies we cover every stock across global markets where insider share transactions are reported.
Following trading patterns of directors and senior managers can lead to investment gains but investors can’t follow every trade. Identifying the ‘Smart Insiders’ and other characteristics of the trades is essential to achieve outperformance.
Our specialist service gives timely and detailed insight into which transaction are most likely to indicate future share-price performance.

Our Offering

Our data service gives clients the concise insight they need to manage the thousands of directors’ trades reported to global regulators each day. Individual transaction reports are often incomplete and contain limited information. More importantly, there are vast numbers of them, with very few likely to indicate future stock performance.
Investment professionals need to cut through the noise to focus on transactions which matter. Those transactions can best be identified using normalized data; this eliminates reporting inconsistencies which arise because data originates from disparate sources, ie from the companies themselves, usually through the local regulator.
Normalized data is supplemented with items commonly missing in regulatory announcements. Context can be added from secondary data sets and historical information.
Additional derived data, based on rigorous analysis of historical trading patterns, gives clients the tools needed to quickly decipher the investable from the merely interesting.

Interactive Website

Desktop Data Service

Better data usually means less of it, not more. By customising delivery right down to user level we ensure that the frequency of delivery and alerts gives our subscribers the facts they need tailored to their investment process. Desktop alerts draw attention to the key trades and give users the ability to look behind the headline data with comprehensive filtering and display tools.
Every client is different so users can specify the method, timing and frequency of data delivery as well as define the stock universe which matters to them.


Our consultancy service starts with our senior analysts getting hands-on with the data making their unique insight available to clients in a bespoke capacity. Experienced minds review the data as a team throughout the day uncovering stocks where director trading patterns are most likely to indicate future share-price performance.
Ideas and convictions are scrutinised before the team reach a view on companies by looking at trades by individual directors or multiple board members. The conclusions comprise our signals data along with commentary on why each conclusion has been reached.
Where stocks meet individual clients’ investment criteria the signals are communicated in a way that suits their work-flow. Bespoke services can include bespoke analysis of a client portfolio or other stocks of interest.
Signals data does not include recommendations to Buy or Sell stocks.

Quantitative Delivery

With around three million transaction records growing by 1,000 per day, our insider transaction data may sound to some like a big data product. Big Data it is not! Each transaction has been scrutinised by our production analysts ensuring consistency, accuracy, and timeliness. Data is processed under consistent criteria using bespoke software tools which ensure records are accurate and complete.
Whilst clients demand high standards of accuracy, data in itself is not the ultimate goal. Our historic data has a proven track record in giving signals which help clients improve their investment decisions.
Coupling Investment grade insider data with more traditional data sets such as fundamentals, news flow, or broker estimates can lend weight to stock sentiment or identify new stock opportunities. Our clients use a variety of features within the data itself to test different hypotheses and can build their own algorithms based on conclusions from historical testing.
Our operations staff are on hand to help with this by providing pointers to help with historical analysis, or delivering data derived on bespoke algorithms as required by each client.

Daily Dealings

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