Smart Insider

Analyses the transactions conducted by directors and senior employees related to the shares of their own companies

We distinguish meaningful perspectives from statistical noise

Detailed Insights

Our specialist service provides timely and detailed perspectives on the transactions that are most likely to indicate future share price performance

Smart Insider

Although company ‘Insiders’ can offer valuable clues related to future share performance, investors are unable to monitor all the relevant trades. Identifying ‘Smart Insiders’ through specialist desktops or quantitative feeds enables our clients to generate alpha.


Consists of the timely delivery of data, suited to the needs and preferences of our clients, supported by analysis tools available on our website.


Includes the ranking of stocks related to transactions most likely to indicate future share price performance.


Consists of Intra-day and historic transaction data delivered in file, XML, or API formats. This features includes Point-in-time.

Desktop Service

When it comes to data, we deem quality to be more important than quantity. By customising our delivery service according to our clients’ preferences we ensure that our alerts display the most pertinent information. Desktop alerts highlight key trades and allow clients to look behind mere headline content, with access to comprehensive filtering and display tools. Since client’s preferences vary, we can adjust the method, timing and frequency of data delivery they wish to receive as well as define the stock universe which matters most to them.

Signals Service

Our Signals service begins with our senior analysts reviewing the data. Experienced minds examine the information as a team, throughout the day, with the objective of uncovering stocks where director trading patterns are most indicative of future share-price performance. Ideas and convictions are scrutinised, by examining trades made by individual directors or multiple board members, prior to the team reaching a consensus on a company. The conclusions include our signals data along with a commentary on why such assessments have been made.

Quantitative Data

With approximately three million transaction records, increasing by 1,000 each day, our global insider transaction database traces back to the mid-1990s in several markets. Each transaction has been scrutinised by our production analysts in order to ensure suitable consistency, accuracy, and timeliness. Data is processed according to specific criteria and using bespoke software tools and secondary data sources, in order to ensure that our records are as accurate and complete as possible.


Our Company buyback data tracks and analyses the amount and value of shares bought back by listed companies. Covering every market where buybacks are reported, our global offering also includes ‘Buyback Intentions,’ which are the announcements made before buybacks are executed. Our reports and alerts cut through the statistical noise in order to provide our clients concise, timely buyback data tailored to their stock universe.

Politician Stock Trading

Transparency guidelines in the US require Congressmen and Senators to publish details of their trades in company shares globally. Though less stringent than regulations for company insiders the data shows which politicians have a vested interest in certain stocks and provides insight into where positions have increased or reduced.

Stock of the Week

$PH.US – ranked positive on May 11th, 2022

Parker Hannifin Corp (PH US, +1, May 11th)  James Wainscott (Non-Executive since 2009) purchased $809,000 of stock at $269.67 on May 9th, increasing his holding by 20%. This is only his third purchase in more than 10 years and by far his largest. His two previous acquisitions in December 2009 …
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$SFNC.US – ranked positive on May 4th, 2022

Simmons First National Corp – (SFNC, +1, May 4th)  Robert Fehlman (COO since 2021, CFO 2008-2021) purchased $120,000 of stock on the 3rd May at $24.00, increasing his holding by 4%. Despite his long tenure at the company this is only his 2nd ever purchase, his first was very well …
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$HAS.US – ranked positive on April 26th, 2022

Hasbro Inc – (HAS, +N, April 26th) Christian Cocks (CEO since Jan 2022, joined 2018) purchased $905,000 worth of stock on April 21st at $89.59, increasing his holdings by +18% to 65,945 shares. Cocks was named CEO in January, having joined in 2018, leading the team at Wizards of the …
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