Smart Insider

Founded in the early 1980s, our company operates as a specialist consulting firm focusing on turning insider transactions data from merely interesting into a source of investment insight.


Established by George Muzea in the early 1990s, who wrote extensively on the subject, ‘Muzea Insider Consulting Services’ [MICS] covered the US market and was the first specialist vendor in the field, concerned with identifying unusual activity most likely to indicate stock outperformance.


The focus shifted to data quality and normalisation without the overlay of stock analysis, which was previously MICS’ focus.


Directors Deals was founded to cover the UK market and quickly expanded coverage as regulations changed throughout continental Europe.


Having expanded coverage to include all the established European markets, the company initiated coverage in Asian markets where data was readily available.


Directors Deals established a production centre in Asia to process a greater quantity of data in more markets, and additional time zones.


Muzea Insider Consulting Services (MICS) had been acquired by William Lattimer who then expanded coverage of stock analysis to Europe. Smart Insider and MICS The two companies formed an alliance in 2012 with offices in London, the UK and Darien, USA.

2016 – The Merger

Smart Insider fully acquired both Directors Deals and Muzea Insider Consulting to form the most progressive insider trading data vendor in the field — owned by partners Michael Tindale and William Lattimer.


With a requirement to process further time zones, the firm established a production centre in Bogota, Colombia.


The firm processes data in three time zones, 22 hours daily, which includes market hours for all of Europe and North America.

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