Our firm began in the early 1990’s as a specialist consulting firm focusing on turning insider transactions data from merely interesting into a source of investment insight.

Started by George Muzea who wrote a book on the subject, ‘Muzea Insider Consulting Services’ [MICS] covered the US market and was the first specialist vendor in the field, spotting the unusual activity most likely to lead to stock outperformance. Directors Deals was a UK firm which focused on insider trading stocks data collection, beginning with the UK market and expanding coverage to Europe and beyond as global markets began to adopt reporting regulations.





Started by Michael Tindale in 2001 the focus was on data quality and normalisation without the overlay of stock analysis which was MICS focus. By now MICS had been acquired by William Lattimer who expanded coverage of stock analysis to Europe.

Directors Deals’ quickly established the broadest and deepest data in the field coupled with a reputation for high quality data, delivered via desktop or quant feeds. The two companies began working together in 2012 before Smart Insider Ltd was formed to incorporate both firms in 2016.

Smart Insider fully acquired both Directors Deals and Muzea Insider Consulting to form the most progressive insider trading data vendor in the field — owned by the partners Michael Tindale and William Lattimer.


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