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Director Insights is a series of unique datasets that provide clients with powerful insight into the the wealth and worth of Owners, Directors and senior managers of listed companies globally. The data includes HNW and UHNW individuals and can be used to compare remuneration between stocks or market sectors. 

Unique Insights

“Director Insights” from Smart Insider is the go-to source for tracking directors of listed companies, their executive composition and their shareholdings in the companies which employ them. As well as shareholdings our dataset include¬†director remuneration (in selected markets), options data, and changes in boardrooms as they occur – helping measure the wealth, worth, and career movements¬† of senior executives.¬†¬†

Sourced from regulatory filings and relevant news sources, our data provides clients with accurate and timely intelligence on board of director roles, appointments and departures both up-to-date and historically. By monitoring changes in director positions and board composition our clients can stay up-to-date on the boards of companies that matter to them. 

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Our platform offers powerful analytics regarding boardroom dynamics, including director changes, director networks, board diversity, length of tenure, and turnover. 

Our datasets reveal information about total board remuneration, individual directors’ salaries, share options, and  holdings. This managerial remuneration detail, including non executive director salaries and senior managers, helps  clients get a detailed picture of who is on the board and how they are compensated.

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Smart Insider Director Insights

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The data tracks owners and employees of listed companies revealing those of High Net Worth (HNW) and Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) Individuals.  

Our data offers valuable insight for ESG specialists as it includes company directors’ details¬†and corporate governance metrics such as the number of independent directors, length of director tenure, board diversity, directors fees, boardroom holdings, share pledges, options data, and remuneration .

If you’re looking for comprehensive information on listed company director details, whether that be board composition, managing director remuneration, board member remuneration, non executive director salaries, or related metrics, look no further. Start tracking shareholdings in global listed stocks, director movements, managerial remuneration, and boardroom compositions today and stay ahead with Director Insights from Smart Insider.

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