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Smart Insiderā€™s share buyback desktop service turns merely interesting information into a true source of investment insight. Explore our service to benefit from high quality share buyback data, analysis tools and advanced presentation materials to get additional insight. Our desktop service allows industry professionals to identify the stocks that matter the most to them and the ones most likely to outperform based on share buyback activity.

Share Buyback alerts & Desktop Access

Our desktop service provides you with access convenient website that will allow you to screen for share repurchases and buyback intentions under customized criteria and query more detail on each company. Research shows that coupling buyback data with insider transactions can also provide additional insight ā€“ and you can get it in no time on our website.

Share Buybacks Desktop Service
Share buyback desktop service tables & graphs

Easy to use tools & graphs in desktop service

We collect and present information in a readable format that is easy for our clients to comprehend. Our ‘intentions and authorisations’ data informs clients of likely future activity as well as what has already occurred. Forecasts based on a rich historical database.

Users also have access to interactive visual reports that can be tailored to individual client needs upon request. This data could be very useful in helping our clients make decisions about their investments, as it provides them with valuable insights into company buyback strategies and buyback campaign monitoring.

Global buyback trade alerts & reports

As well as interrogating the data for an individual company, aggregating data by market sector can provide insights into the confidence associated with each sector.

Similarly, reviewing and comparing data within a whole market (country), index, or industry sector can offer a valuable sentiment indicator. Our time series reports make it easy to identify the relevant trends and identify changes associated with share buyback activity.

Share Buybacks Desktop Service Dashboard
Share buyback desktop service dashboard: reports preview

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Share Buybacks Desktop Service
  • Insidersā€™ holdings, total wealth, positions, salary, bios, forthcoming movements
  • Share buybacks trades, intentions and program changes
  • Politicians trading
  • Valuable alternative data source for quant strategies
  • On-demand consultations on any stock or insider
  • Market overview research delivered regularly

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