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Smart Insider provides a comprehensive, global source of in-depth share repurchase data. We track share buyback programs and intentions globally in 36 countries. The data covers 50,000+ global equities, with history from 2015, and is delivered on a user-specified frequency. 

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We provide top rated share buyback reports putting data into valuable context. A share buyback announcement can be an important event for a company and its shareholders but most are predictable and can be dismissed as 'noise'. Aggregating multiple data points is the best way to gain true insight, especially when comparing this activity with previously stated intentions. This analysis is essential for investors seeking to incorporate activity into wider analysis in the pursuit of abnormal returns. To take full advantage of the financial opportunities that come with share repurchase announcements, for quantitative analysis, analysts need reliable and normalized point-in-time data making it easy to ingest and interrogate. This allows detailed evaluation through aggregation and filtering of finite factors. For example, whether an announcement is a new program or an extension of an existing one, what is the reason for the company's buyback program, and how did the company buy back stock in the past. Our historical data on share buybacks can help you devise a strategy to incorporate buybacks into your investment process. Our daily or intraday data feeds can help you implement that strategy and improve investment returns.

Best share buyback data provider

At Smart Insider, we are a leading quantitative data provider related to share buybacks. We offer comprehensive information on repurchases of common stock and equity shares to help our customers make informed decisions. Our proprietary algorithms provide the most informative data available on these transactions and can help improve your investment returns. 

We understand that having access to accurate and reliable data is essential. That’s why we have curated an extensive dataset of buyback repurchases and authorizations sourced from SEC and other regulatory filings, as well as disparate sources such as websites results announcements, or press releases. To ensure accuracy and consistency in our dataset, we have implemented efficient systems with constant monitoring throughout the day to ensure all buyback announcements are captured accurately promptly.¬† ¬†

Get global share buyback quantitative Data

Our single complete file provides a comprehensive source of quantitative data from multiple markets and sources, covering both Intra-day and historical transactions. We provide full customization for our clients, offering our quantitative data in a variety of formats such as CSV, XML, XLSX or API, all of them include point-in-time data.

Global Share Buybacks Quantitative Data

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