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When there is a vast variety of metrics and tools available to gain market insight, Insider trading offers valuable clues to investors related to future share performance. We atĀ Smart Insider provide globalĀ insider transactions dataĀ and analysis on share transactions made by directors & senior staff in the shares of their own companies.

Monitoring all the insider trading activity is a huge task, we identify ā€œSmart Insidersā€ through specialist desktop and quantitative feeds that enable our clients to generate alpha.

Monitoring & Analysis of Legal Insider Share Trades

    • Not all trades are equal. Save time by ignoring the noise and focus only on meaningful trades that indicate the future share performance.
    • Reporting guidelines differ from country to country. Our reliable and “normalised” insider transaction data is consistent across all markets.
    • Track insider transactions activity with Smart Insider’s advanced metrics and visualisation tools.
    • Our dedicated team of experienced analysts provide our clients with top-quality analysis on a daily basis and are available to answer any of your questions on any stock.

Identify the Smart Insiders

Our experienced analyst team use quantitative and qualitative methods to identify the stocks most likely to outperform based on deep analysis of insider trades, and the insiders themselves. Using our easy to read derived data we help our clients better understand insider transactions activity to make informed investment decisions.

Insider Data

Advanced Insights to Generate Alpha

Insider Trading Proven Method

Proven Method

Smart Insider has a long pedigree of insider share transaction analysis on behalf of institutional investment clients. We know the factors within trades which lead to outperformance and our clients rely on our insight.

Insider Trading Cut The Noise

Cut Through The NOISE

Most insider transactions are not informative, in fact, very few are. Our analysis begins with advanced algorithms which produce insightful metrics - derived data proven through historical analysis.
Derived data points are incorporated into our clients' multi-factor models and broader investment strategy to improve performance.

Insider Trading Transactions

Insider Transactions

The answer might lie in an unexpected source - insider transactions data. With careful consideration of company's directors' buying and selling activity, investors can gain invaluable insight that could help them ride the market's ups & downs like never before.

Smart Insider Insider Transactions Data

Smart Insider

We provide comprehensive data and analysis on equity transactions of insiders related to their own companies. With our timely updates investors can make informed decisions about buying or selling shares in a particular company.

Desktop Analysis & Quant Feed Solutions

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Directors insights

Insidersā€™ holdings, total wealth, positions, salary, bios, forthcoming movements

Share buybacks

Share buybacks trades, intentions and program changes - for fundamental and quantitative investors

Politicians trading

US Senators and Congressmen buying and selling stock

Research on demand

On-demand consultations on any stock or insider and market overview research delivered regularly

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