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This feature provides quant feeds on insider transactions. It is a great solution for quant hedge funds or quant analysts looking to enrich their models with insider trading metrics. Data with highlighted sources of potential alpha is delivered via API and point-in-time options via SFTP, API or Snowflake.

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The firm uses proprietary software tools and multiple sources of information in order to ensure that the data received is comprehensive, accurate and timely.

We process and deliver additional derived data points according to specific criteria using bespoke algorithms to highlight sources of alpha within the data.

Through our quantitative data service clients receive complete updates of ā€™Investment Gradeā€™ data including contextual and derived items according to their needs; including intra-day and point-in-time options via SFTP, API or Snowflake.

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Smart Insider Quantitative Data

We remove the noise

Insider Transaction Quantitative Data

Valuable Insight

Our intelligent filter tools make it easy to exclude non-discretionary and insignificant trades. Our flags and ranks help you find alpha based on our comprehensive historic backtesting.

Timely Processing

Our analysts cover three time zones and process data within each region throughout local market hours. We aim to process trades within an hour of them being reported and usually exceed expectations. Our intra-day delivery options allow you to view trades during open local market hours.

Global Share Buybacks Quantitative Data
Changes in any group of stocks such as peer firms, stock portfolio, sector, or an entire market or region. Smart Insider

Multiple Factors

We add multiple contextual factors with over 100 additional fields to complement the reported trade parameters:

  • Personal details of the insider
  • Position within the company
  • Company and Listing Trade Metrics
  • Analysis fields & flags
  • Insiderā€™s age
  • Evidence of wealth
  • Historic trade performance, and more.

Seamless Delivery

As a part of our insider transactions quantitative data offering, we deliver a single complete file and consistently incorporate data from multiple sources (markets).

Smart Insider Insider transactions Quantitative Data

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