Director Change

We monitor new appointments and movements between board positions at listed companies so clients can see who is in the boardroom and track changes as they happen in the stocks that matter.

The data tracks company directors as they move positions within a firm and includes key dates and biographical data.

Who’s in and Who’s out?

Data can be delivered as a concise list of boardroom changes in any group of stocks such as peer firms, stock portfolio, sector, or an entire market or region.

Company look-ups show the complete boardroom roster including detailed positions and tenure, stock holdings, and salary*.
* Not available in all markets

Beautiful People

As well as key dates, our people profiles include biographies and pictures giving clients a comprehensive visual profile of directors and senior officers.

Data Delivery

Like the rest of our content we deliver data to suit the needs of individual clients. This can include reports sent to the desktop at defined intervals, to a nightly feed of updates via FTP or an API.

Investor Relations or Human Resource departments can receive a concise list of boardroom personnel changes across a finite list of peer companies.

Fund managers can receive updates on a portfolio/watchlist, or within defined sectors.

Data providers can integrate or supplement their list of who is on the board by taking a nightly update file seamlessly importing updates made to our database each day.

File formats depend on the requirement including:

  • PDF reports which are easy to read
  • Excel deliver for ease of filtering and sorting
  • Flat file of delimited data for database import/update

If you are from a regulated institution, for info or to request a trial please get in touch