Smart Insider have unique intelligence on some of the world’s wealthy through data not easily accessible from other sources. By monitoring every trade, by every insider, in every listed stock we have built a unique picture on thousands of wealthy individuals.

Our wealth data includes:


Precise value of holdings in multiple stocks where individuals are classified as an insider


Salary data in multiple companies


Value of unexercised share options in multiple stocks


Sums banked through share disposals summarised over multiple periods

These data items comprise an overall wealth report available for thousands of high net worth (HNW), and ultra high net worth (UHNW) people globally.

Valuations are calculated daily in multiple currencies and reports show the data available for each wealth component. As such the data is more up to date than traditional sources of wealth data such as Forbes Billionaires or Sunday Times Rich List.

Whilst giving a comprehensive picture of an individual’s paper wealth, our data does not include tangible assets such as real estate or yachts.

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