Desktop Service

Consists of Insider transaction data, analysis, and advanced presentation materials to provide additional insight. Our desktop service allows industry professionals to identify the trades that matter the most to them and the stocks most likely to outperform based on insider activity.

Smart Insider’s desktop service turns insider transaction data from merely interesting into a true source of investment insight

Our methods identify nuanced characteristics within discretionary trades and offer a way of achieving alpha, developed and proven through quantitative historical analysis.

Our analysis tools, offering derived data points, yield consistently valuable guidance on an insider’s view of the shares they own.

Such methods, based on the rigorous back-testing of key criteria, inform our high-performing Stock Signals.

Our customised delivery service ensures this approach fits any investment style and adds value to your research process.

Perspectives derived from insider trades

Around 2,000 transactions are reported by directors and senior managers across global markets daily. Most trades are considered to be noise, unlikely to prove indicative of future movements in share price.

Our team of skilled analysts, based in three time zones, apply quantitative and qualitative methods in order to identify meaningful transactions.

Our data inputs go beyond transaction-related announcements. The quality of our analysis has proven itself over decades.


Tasks & Solutions

Quickly identify the trades that matter the most to your stock universe and receive alerts as new trades are executed.

Become awareness of investment opportunities emerging from significant trades that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Discover investment perspectives using sophisticated filters, stock ranks as well as insider ratings. Portfolio reports include customised alerts and analysis to meet your needs.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of our service

Company Signals

Smart Insider has an impressive ten-year track record of generating alpha.
Use our Stock Ranks to guide your investment process and enhance your research strategy.

reliable information

We rate stocks based on whether the insider activity noticed has met our stringent tried and tested criteria.
Such activity is rare; most stocks are considered ‘Neutral’ the majority of the time because there are very few trades that meet our ranking standard.
Our stock analysts then consider key trades in a wider context in order to provide detailed stock commentary for our clients.

Smart Insider Desktop Service

Smart Insider Desktop Service
Industry Signal Performance by Smart Insider

Perspectives on INSIDER TRADes

Our stock rankings are designed to complement a broader investment process that accounts for factors other than Insider transactions.
We consider contextual factors related to insider activity such as directors’ tenure, track record and the share price context.
These judgments do not consider additional factors related to the stock such as fundamentals or news flow. We leave that to our clients.

information about specific insiders

Our analysts are available for direct consultation on the characteristics of insiders including details related to their buys and sells, directorships, trade performance analysis, graphs and charts, and full trade summaries for up to 20 years of activity.

Our desktop service enables our clients to remain informed about transactions and our analysis in real-time.

Smart Insider Desktop Service
Smart Insider Desktop Service
Smart Insider Signals’ Performance

Client focused

Investment styles vary and it’s our job to help you to access the relevant data in the most time-efficient manner.

Our interactive website makes portfolios easy to maintain and constructs reports according to different requirements.

Client support staff are available to personalise the user experience by configuring web pages, alerts, portfolios, and proposing ideas for data visualisation.


  • Analysts and Fund Managers seeking to incorporate perspectives derived from Insider activities and signals into their investment process
  • Buyside and Sellside analysts looking for market sentiment data
  • Quants looking to enhance their systematic strategies with alternative data sources
  • ESG specialists seeking to discover aspects of corporate governance


Head of Research
Quantitative Analyst
Quantitative Research Analyst
Quantitative Strategist
Senior Analyst


Hedge Funds
Family Offices
Institutional Portfolio Managers
Institutional Investors
Assets Managers

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information

How to start

Step 1: Talk to Our Experts

Our Sales team can discuss your investment approach and how you might incorporate insider data to improve your investment performance.

Step 2: One Month Trial

You can set up specific portfolios for a quick check, or create custom lists using filters and settings. Our professional Support team will be happy to help you with that if necessary.

Step 3: Terms

Get a clear understanding of subscription costs based on the regions you invest in, and licence terms required.

Step 4: Delivery

Adjust or customise your portfolios and filters to receive daily or intra-day updates according to the terms agreed.


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