Pandora upgraded expectations again last week. We originally positively rated the stock on the 17th March on director buying and then rated it positively again on further buying on 26th August. The shares are now up 140% from our first positive ranking and 20% from our latest upgrade.  This is what we said:
Alexander Lacik (CEO since April 2019) purchased 57,560 shares on August 25th at DKK 408, spending €3.2 million. We have Lacik ranked as a “Smart Buyer” based on his prior three purchases in this stock. His last purchase was in March 2020 at DKK 198 and was very timely. It is interesting to see him further add to his holdings, and at a higher price point. We ranked this stock +N in March based on purchases from Anders Boyer (CFO) but Lacik was a buyer of the stock as well. That signal expired in July. We are ranking the stock +1