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Identify the trades that count

Our Signals service is at the core of
what we do. As a specialist research provider, we monitor the high-quality transaction data produced by our analysts, based in three different time zones, in search of significant trade characteristics.

With around 3,000 transactions reported each day, most are non-discretionary and very few are likely to provide a meaningful indication of future share price movements. Those that do are hard to find but not uncommon.

We apply quantitative and qualitative methods in order to identify the most significant transactions. Our research team provides insights and commentary on trades that are most predictive of future share price performance.

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experienced research team

Experience, supported by rigorous historic data interrogation, gives us the know-how to identify the trades that count.

We begin by filtering transactions that do not meet our tried and tested criteria; this yields a shortlist of trades that do not conform to regular patterns.

We study whether these trades align with convictions made by insiders and try to ascertain whether they possess insight into the future share price of the stock they are trading.

Smart Insider Signals Service
Experienced Research Team. We are Global.

Smart Insider Signals Service
Specific factors in insider trading analysis.

Factors we consider

We consider multiple factors within this process including but not limited to:

  • The proceeds and holding change that the trade accounts for
  • Key trade features, such as the proximity to a close period or trading embargo, and share price highs and lows
  • The overall means of the insider, their position and tenure at the firm of which they are buying and or selling shares
  • The trading record of the insider, sometimes including their trading performance related to other stocks
  • Trading patterns of other directors at the same firm

TIMELY alerts

When it comes to data, we are more concerned with quality rather than quantity.

By customising delivery, in such a way as to suit the preferences and needs of the user, we can ensure that the frequency of alerts received provides our clients the most pertinent of facts related to their investment process.

Desktop alerts draw attention to key trades and give users the ability to look behind the headline content with comprehensive filtering and display tools.

Set up alerts not to miss important transactions. Smart Insider
Timely alerts flag important transactions.
Smart Insider Signals Service
Custom reports and personal support.

Custom reports and assistance

Since the needs of our clients vary, we can adjust the method, timing, and frequency of our data delivery process as well as define the stock universe which matters most to them.

Our Client Support team is always ready to assist clients queries and concerns, as well as with customising reports at their request.

Our Clientele

  • Analysts and Fund Managers seeking to incorporate perspectives derived from Insider insights and signals into their investment process
  • Buyside and Sellside analysts looking for market sentiment data
  • Quants looking to enhance systematic strategies with alternative data sources
  • ESG specialists seeking aspects of corporate governance


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Hedge Funds
Family Offices
Institutional Portfolio Managers
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Assets Managers

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Getting started

Step 1: Talk to Our Experts

Our Sales team can discuss your investment approach with you and advise on how you might incorporate insider data to improve your investment performance.

Step 2: Trial

You may customise portfolios as a way of testing ideas, or create custom lists using the relevant filters and settings. Our professional Support team are available to assist you with any queries or concerns.

Step 3: Terms

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the subscription costs associated with our services based on the regions in which you invest, and licence terms required.

Step 4: Delivery

Adjust or customise your portfolios and filters to receive intra-day Signal updates according to the terms agreed.


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