Signals Service

Our Signals service is at the heart of what we do. As a specialist research provider we monitor the high quality transaction data produced by our production analysts in search of nuggets.

With around 3,000 transactions reported each day, most are non-discretionary and very few are likely to give clues to share price movements. Those that do are hard to find but not uncommon.


Experience backed by rigorous historic data interrogation give us the know-how to identify the trades that count. We begin by filtering transactions which do not meet our tried and tested criteria giving us a shortlist of trades which do not conform to regular patterns. We study whether these trades betray conviction by the insider, a belief that they have insight into the future share-price of the stock they are trading.

We consider multiple factors within this process including but not limited to:

  • The proceeds and holding change that the trade accounts
  • Key trade features such as proximity to a close period or trading embargo, and share price high/low
  • The overall means of the insider, their position and tenure at the firm
  • The trading record of the insider, sometimes including trades in other stocks
  • Trading patterns of other directors at the same firm.

Better data usually means less of it, not more. By customising delivery right down to user level we ensure that the frequency of delivery and alerts gives our subscribers the facts they need tailored to their investment process. Desktop alerts draw attention to key trades and give users the ability to look behind the headline data with comprehensive filtering and display tools.

Every client is different so users can specify the method, timing and frequency of data delivery as well as define the stock universe which matters to them.

This service is available for institutional investors only.

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