$DISCA ranked +1 on 20-Nov-19

Smart Insider $DISCA ranked +1 on 20-Nov-19

$DISCA ranked +1 on 20-Nov-19

Discovery Inc (DISCA, +1) – David Wargo (Director since 2005) purchased $4.6 million worth of stock on November 15th at $28.28, increasing his holdings by 50% to 488,000 shares. This is Wargo’s fourth purchase in the past two years and his largest. In 2017 he purchased shares at an average cost of $17 per share, and in 2018 at $21. John Malone (Director) purchased $75 million worth of stock on November 14th at $28, a reversal from sales he made in late 2018. His activity is not straightforward as his sales in 2018 were under a forward sale contract and his recent large buy is concurrent with a large zero-cost collar arrangement. We are ranking the stock +1.

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