$TWLO.US ranked positive on February 28th, 2023

Smart Insider $TWLO.US ranked positive on February 28th, 2023

$TWLO.US ranked positive on February 28th, 2023

Twilio Inc (TWLO, +1, February 28th)

Jeff Lawson (Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO) purchased 158,081 shares on February 24th at $63.26, spending $10 million. Whilst modest relative to his holdings of 5.9 million shares, it is notable as a reversal from a series of sales, most recently at $264 in January 2022. His only previous buy was at $23.43 in May 2017, which we ranked +N and proved to be timely.

Donna Dubinsky (Non-Executive since 2018) purchased $251,000 on the same day. This is her first purchase and also a reversal from sells at higher prices, most recently at $265.80 in December 2021. She didn’t make a purchase at either of her previous Non-Executive roles (Palm and Intuit). She is Co-founder and CEO of Numenta, Inc., a machine intelligence company. These purchases follow recently posted year-end results along with a workforce reduction and $1 billion buyback. These are unusual purchases.

We are ranking stock +1.

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