$LLY ranked +1 on 28-Oct-19

Smart Insider $LLY ranked +1 on 28-Oct-19

$LLY ranked +1 on 28-Oct-19

David Ricks (CEO since 2012) purchased $500,000 worth of stock on October 25 at $108, increasing his holdings to 164,000 shares. This is Ricks’ first open market purchase in the stock. He has only made a few option related sales, the most recent was in 2016. Jackson Tai (Director since 2013) purchased $200,000 worth of stock on October 24 at $107, increasing his holdings to 56,000 shares. This is Jackson’s eight purchase and appears a normal size for him, but it is the highest price he has paid for shares. His last purchase was in July 2018 at $95, which proved timely and we ranked the stock at the time based on that purchase.

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